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The Positive and The Negative Sides of Working on the Internet as an Independent Academic Writer and Editor

The aim of this essay is to outline the pros and cons of working from home on the Internet as an independent freelance essay writer. To begin with, let us underline that every job has both advantages and disadvantages and freelance writing is not an exception. Nonetheless, I have always seen this job in a positive light. Working as a freelance writer, I always feel a deep connection with different cultures and I am very enthusiastic about learning something new and exciting.

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First and foremost, I think it is necessary to emphasize how rewarding the job of a freelance writer is. An independent essay writer has an opportunity to manage time by himself and to increase his knowledge to a large extent. It is only possible to feel this way, when a writer works freelance, which means complete freedom. Such independency has its own price, which is responsibility of a writer for the client's order and a high degree of self-motivation that is essential to meet the deadlines and earn the deserved money. By and large, a material compensation is an important factor, although job satisfaction is by far the most important aspect. I would say that most of the freelance writers consider their job extremely rewarding. After all, they meet their goals and do what they love.

Writing is always such a revelation: at first you think about the topic, read the necessary material, re-think it based on your findings and then you can discover it for yourself. It is like a burst of energy going through your veins. Some people call it inspiration. Words rotate and twist in the writer's head and can now be used to create a new essay, which is based on a strong foundation of facts, and can be edited and sent to the client. Sometimes, it is not just writing an essay, but dealing with numbers or philosophical riddles and it is great to challenge your brain and solve them. As time goes by, the writers become more precise, captures the essence of concepts more accurately, their research becomes faster and more effective, and his job brings him even more satisfaction. Writers learn a lot about different countries, their economies, and lifestyles of different people. They process this knowledge and use it efficiently so that the client could benefit from it.

On the other hand, there are certain disadvantages in being an independent essay writer. Firstly, freelance writers are not officially employed, they do not pay a lot of taxes and, as a result, they will receive no pension. However, in some countries, pensions are so little that people can hardly live on them, and taxes are barely used for the benefit of people due to corruption and excessive bureaucracy in the state economy. Secondly, this kind of work implies an unstable income and writers may only be able to live off their salaries. Nevertheless, a writer's salary depends directly on his writing skills and efforts. Writers can earn more by doing high quality research and widening their writing repertoire.

In conclusion, let us underline that independency is the main advantage of freelance writing along with such important positive aspects as self-actualization, continuous self-perfection and improved time management skills, which simply cannot be outweighed by the drawbacks of this job. People who love writing are constantly in search of the ways to expand their knowledge, quench their thirst for creativity and sharpen their writing skills. All things considered, freelance essay writing is a golden opportunity for them to release their writing potential.

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